18 TV Couples That Made Us Believe In Love Again In 2018

18 TV Couples That Made Us Believe In Love Again In 2018


DTR: They’re still together!!! True love is real.

Although this list is usually reserved for fictional couples, the real-life courtship between Tsubasa and Shion on Japanese reality show Terrace House: Opening New Doors was easily the best, most life-affirming story line on television this year. To put it into context, I’ve spent more time thinking about Tsubasa and Shion’s happiness than I have my own. And their love story is truly epic. (Hollywood could never.) To recap:

Tsubasa is the captain of her local ice hockey team with dreams of one day going to the Olympics. She’s sweet and kind and has never really had a boyfriend because she’s kept her feelings guarded following her mother’s death. Meanwhile, Shion is a tall, half-American model with a runway fashion sense who seems aloof at first but is really just awkward. Shion eventually becomes enamored with Tsubasa’s talent on the ice and sunny disposition — because how can you not!!! — but he still had reservations about being in a Relationship™️ with her. That is, until she took the train to Tokyo to buy him the perfect scarf for his birthday. In that exact moment, he falls in love with her, and spends the following weeks just trying to confess his feelings. When he finally asks her to be his girlfriend, and she shyly agrees, he says, “Thank you for being my girlfriend.” It’s so pure.

Tsubasa and Shion’s romance was unlikely at first, but that’s what made it so wonderfully endearing. Who doesn’t want a love like that?