7 Dua Lipa Moments That’ll Make You Wish You Were At Bonnaroo

7 Dua Lipa Moments That’ll Make You Wish You Were At Bonnaroo


It might be hard to believe, but Dua Lipa’s self-titled debut album is already a year old. In those 12 short months, “New Rules” has become an anthem — and one of those tunes that’s so inescapable it’s hard to imagine life before. “IDGAF,” meanwhile, has received an all-star “remix” with the help of Charli XCX, Zara Larsson, MØ, and Alma, and Dua herself has become an international superstar.

This much was clear from her set at Bonnaroo over the weekend, where the 22-year-old burned through a 12-song set with passion and gusto. As the fan-captured footage from the show reveals, if you can catch her on The Self-Titled Tour, currently rolling its way through North America, you should. Here’s why.

  1. She’s Sporty Spice Version 2.0

    Before hitting the stage, Dua posted her outfit on Instagram, giving off serious Sporty Spice throwback vibes.

  2. Her Set Is Like Hair-Whipping 101

    It’s one of the best moves you can pull onstage, after all.

  3. Or Crowd Sing-Along 101

    Either way, you’ll learn something.

  4. She’ll Teach You How To Pose

  5. And How To Not Care, But Gracefully

    Poise is very important while flicking someone off.

  6. She Sings To Thousands

    One look (at the insanely impressive crowd shots from her set) is all it takes.

  7. And Can Hold Her Own Alone

    She didn’t even need Calvin Harris here for “One Kiss.” But no one tell him that.