A New Twist Is Turning Ex On The Beach ‘Upside Down’

A New Twist Is Turning Ex On The Beach ‘Upside Down’


The singles — Angela, Chase, Chris, Cory, Faith, Jasmine, Paulie, Taylor, Tor’i and Victoria — have thusfar held the upper hand over their former flames (aka the Cut or Crush Ceremony) on Ex on the Beach. But change is coming.

During this week’s episode, a sneak peek of the next installment revealed that the 10 cast members’ exes will “be summoned” to the Shack of Secrets. And once there, we hear Lexi (Paulie’s on-again off-again gal) stating, “Now the power is yours.”

The SOS gang looked awfully excited about this curveball (big grins and jumping with glee), but it’s still unclear what this twist actually means for everyone. We do know this much: The villa is about to be flipped “upside down” (the narrator’s words).

From “crashing the party” to this mysterious development! What do you think is on the horizon for the remaining singles and their exes? Share your theories below, and do not miss Ex on the Beach every Thursday at 9/8c.