Can Nany Make It To The End Of Total Madness Without The...

Can Nany Make It To The End Of Total Madness Without The Holy Trinity?


The Holy Trinity — Nany, Jenna and Kailah — was totally dismantled during tonight’s Challenge episode. So can Nany, who lost Jailah Jenna and Kailah in one fell swoop in Purgatory against Aneesa and Kaycee, persevere without her alliance?

“Kailah really had my back this season — honestly, it sucked to see her go,” the Real World: Las Vegas alum stated post-Bombs Away outcome. “As much as I loved having Jenna here in this game, Jenna never wanted to be here anyways, so it’s almost kind of better that she goes home [and] tries to fix her relationship with Zach. And I can continue to play my game and do what’s best for me.”

But what does Nany think the trio will have to do differently in future seasons to make it to the final — and secure those coveted first Ws?

First things first, a joke: “There ain’t nothing holy about us!” she told MTV News, before getting serious. “We need to stick together, and we need to keep our heads in the game. We were there for a reason. We were there to compete; we were there for that final and money. And we need to keep our emotions together, remember what we’re there for and let all of the boyfriends and relationships going on at home stay at home. We need to focus, and I truly believe that if we go into another season together, the three of us will succeed.”

Nany still needs to get her Red Skull to secure a spot in the Season 35 final, and we’re more than halfway through the competition, so time is ticking (TJ even issued a warning). But can the Free Agents runner up succeed and make it to the end? A bit of context: She was ousted from War of the World 2 at the last possible second (losing to Ashley right before the final between Team U.S. and Team U.K.), and her most recent final appearance was in 2014 when she nabbed the silver medal (and fell short to Laurel). Viewers heard her state in the trailer “I’ve been here this long. I’ve been through so much — it’s gotta be worth something.”

Will it all be “worth something”? Give your predictions in the comments, then keep watching the Challenge veteran every Wednesday on Total Madness at 8/7c!