Chris Brown Accuser Records Single About Settlement

Chris Brown Accuser Records Single About Settlement


Chris Brown

Vegas Battery Accuser

Records Single About Settlement

3/10/2018 12:30 AM PST


The woman who accused Chris Brown of punching her in the face in a Vegas hotel has turned her experience into a single that takes a ton of jabs at Chris. 

We’ve got audio from Liziane Gutierrez‘s “Seventy Grand” — and while Gutierrez never names Brown specifically — the song’s lyrics are an exact recount of Brown’s alleged attack. 

“What is that you’ve been smoking? Does everybody know that you been getting high, getting high? I guess that’s why you wanna fight. I end up with a black eye.”

TMZ broke the story … Gutierrez sued Brown in 2016 after she claimed he punched her in the eye and took her phone after she tried to snap his pic during a private party in his Palms Hotel suite. 

The two settled the case privately, and we’re told preliminary amounts were as high as $70,000 … but a source to Brown told us it eventually settled for much less.

As far as Liziane’s new single is concerned, $70k seems to be the magic number.