Dennis Quaid's Dog Takes Dangerous Escalator Ride

Dennis Quaid's Dog Takes Dangerous Escalator Ride


Dennis Quaid

Peaches the Dog

Could Have Been Creamed on Escalator

8/7/2018 7:11 AM PDT


Dog is man’s best friend … escalators are not dog’s best friend, which is why this video of Dennis Quaid‘s dog on an escalator is so interesting.

We got Dennis and his bulldog, Peaches, Monday at LAX, and the actor strolled up to the escalator and he showed no remorse about the pooch hopping on for the ride.

Dennis clearly loves his pet, but we did some research and the ASPCA actually put out a warning a few years back about the dangers of dogs on people movers. They’ve been known to cause serious injuries to dogs, including amputations. 

In fact, one pooch had to be rescued earlier this year at LAX.

Peaches made it up just fine, but it is a good lesson for dog owners. Pick up the pup or take the elevator.