Derek Jeter Boots Sculpture Out Of Marlins Park 'Cause He Hates It

Derek Jeter Boots Sculpture Out Of Marlins Park 'Cause He Hates It


Derek Jeter

Boots Home-Run Sculpture

… ‘Cause He Hates It

10/16/2018 3:15 PM PDT

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Call this career homer No. 261 … ’cause Derek Jeter just blasted the Marlins’ center-field sculpture straight outta the park in Miami — all because he absolutely despised it.

D.J. bought the Marlins back in 2017 … and in his efforts to wash the stench of losing off the squad — he’s been battling to punt the obnoxious outfield piece of art.

In case you might not understand why … it’s a 7-story feature of fish, flamingos, lights and water — and it all goes crazy after the Marlins’ (not so many) taters.

Yeah, doesn’t exactly scream winning baseball.

So, D.J.’s fought hard to get rid of it … and finally, on Tuesday, he won permission from the county to boot the thing squarely outta sight.

The team says it’s moving the piece outside the stadium … and in its place will be an entertainment area where fans can stand and catch the game. Pretty cool, right??

As for Jeter … he’s refused to go on record with his distaste for the statue, but did say of it recently, “It’s big. Yeah. It’s big. It’s big.”

There it goeeeessss … SEE YA!!