Dodgers' Justin Turner Shaves the Beard!

Dodgers' Justin Turner Shaves the Beard!


Dodgers’ Justin Turner

Shaves the Beard!!!

11/3/2018 12:30 AM PDT


Here it is … this is what Justin Turner‘s face looks like without his glorious red beard. 

Drink it in. 

The Los Angeles Dodgers star was grubbin’ with his wife Kourtney Turner at Vivian’s Millennium Cafe in Studio City on Friday afternoon (that place is delicious, BTW) … and he was basically unrecognizable. 

It’s kinda weird, right? 

Of course, the Dodgers are still reeling from that World Series loss to the Boston Red Sox … and maybe JT felt like it was time to change things up a bit. 

Turner had toyed with the idea of losing his face-warmer last year — but only if the Dodgers won the World Series. They didn’t, so he didn’t. 

Meanwhile, the Dodgers are already putting the pieces together to try and make another run in 2019 — resigning Clayton Kershaw to a 3-year $93 million contract. 

Plus, L.A. also resigned David Freese — and they’re working on deals with pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu and Yasmani Grandal

So … how long will it take for Turner to grow his beard back? 

Stay tuned …