Gabbie Hanna Is The Queen Of A Concept In Two New “Honestly”...

Gabbie Hanna Is The Queen Of A Concept In Two New “Honestly” Videos


There’s nothing better than a pop/punk queen with a strong concept for a music video. Gabbie Hanna had a vision for her double video for “Honestly” and “Honestly (Encore)” and executed each with perfection.

First, it’s all about Gabbie and gal power in “Honestly,” where she absolutely obliterates every liar, scammer and thief she’s ever met. In casting off all haters, she comes across as a confident woman who won’t let any man confuse her any longer.

But during the bridge of “Honestly,” when Gabbie admits that she “[doesn’t] know what’s reality,” the video cuts to Gabbie tied up, presumably lost in a web of lies.

This visual is a preview for what comes later in “Honestly (Encore),” in which Gabbie portrays a reality in which being confident and fearless isn’t always possible. Instead of dancing, Gabbie is tied up and struggling to get away from two men. Fans speculate that Gabbie might be singing about her state of mind while dating someone she described as a “pathological liar” in a series of videos on her channel.

See Gabbie’s double video treatment for “Honestly” and “Honestly (Encore)” below.