Get To Know PVMNTS And Nasty C A Little Bit Better On...

Get To Know PVMNTS And Nasty C A Little Bit Better On ‘TRL’


Put on your learning hats, sit down and find out more about up-and-coming musicians for this morning’s episode of TRL.

First, the new band PVMNTS featuring Tyler Posey, Freddy Ramirez, and Nick Guzman sat down with TRL host Sway Calloway for a game of Most Likely To. They’re clearly all great guys, but seeing their ~fire~ dynamic together means there’s great music on the horizon, with debut EP Better Days dropping this Friday.

South African rapper Nasty C is Sway’s current obsession — and for good reason! Nasty C scored a spot on Forbes Africa’s 30 Under 30 as he makes waves in the hip hop industry. Sway got to know Nasty C better and learned some South African slang while he was at it, too.

The show wasn’t over till Oswin Benjamin gave us his Breakfast Bars and I truly understand why Sway called him a hyena of a rapper. Oswin’s got major talent and I’ll always be able to say I saw him on TRL before he was a star. Catch up on Oswin’s verses below. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.