Jerry Seinfeld Downsizes from Exotic Cars to Scooters

Jerry Seinfeld Downsizes from Exotic Cars to Scooters


Jerry Seinfeld

I’ve Got a Great New Idea …

Comedians Riding on Scooters!!!

We all know Jerry Seinfeld takes his love for cars quite seriously — and, apparently, he feels the same way about luxury scooters too. Can ya tell?

The comic was in NYC Tuesday getting ready to take a ride on a spiffy looking Lambretta — the Italian-scooter that rivals Vespa, kinda like Ford vs. GM. Jerry must’ve been on one hell of a mission, ’cause he looked super serious — the scarf and helmet look is working for him.

Normally, Jerry likes to go 4 wheels … especially for his hit show, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” As far as we can tell, he hasn’t taken a fellow comedian out for a scooter ride. It’d spark a great convo though.

Jerry famously owns more than 100 vintage and exotic cars — mostly Porsches. Nothing wrong with diversifying your portfolio.