Kodie Shane And YG Didn’t Have Time For Drama On ‘TRL’

Kodie Shane And YG Didn’t Have Time For Drama On ‘TRL’


One thing was clear when Kodie Shane and YG dropped by TRL this morning: they’ve got no time for drama or controversies in 2018. As the two came thru the studio to hang with Sway Calloway, they each had the chance to clear the air in regards to recent buzzy headlines.

Kodie Shane cleared up all the misconceptions about the current status and future of Sailing Team, the collective group led by Lil Yachty. While she and the other members are all currently pursuing their own solo projects, there’s no hard feelings between any of them. Kodie’s only got love to give, and I’m so here for that.

Same goes for YG, who’s been in the headlines after Colin Kaepernick’s name was mysteriously missing from Big Sean’s verse on his track “Big Bank” on the latest Madden NFL 19. YG made it clear that while he had no clue his name would be missing, it’s all in the past as the creators of Madden have fixed their mistake and updated the track to its original version. Check out YG recounting the events below. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.