Lana Del Rey Covered Ariana Grande’s ‘Break Up With Your Girlfriend–I’m Bored’...

Lana Del Rey Covered Ariana Grande’s ‘Break Up With Your Girlfriend–I’m Bored’ With Woozy Whispers


You’ve heard Ariana Grande’s “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored,” but you’ve never heard it quite like this. Lana Del Rey stopped by BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge and gave a spooky performance of Grande’s bold and sexily selfish hit, grounding the buoyant track in a mysterious swamp that swallows all who enter it. She performed “Doin Time” also, but the “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored” cover is what shocks because of just how different it is from the original. It’s almost like it’s an entirely different song.

Lana Del Rey’s version of Grande’s hit song was infinitely more spiritual and atmospheric, with hazy voices swirling in a spiral, like coffee after a spoon is stirred in it. Her vocals were turned down to match the delicate nature of the drums, guitar, and piano. A breeze blew through the Live Lounge as Lana’s whispers turned the oxygen into a mystical mist, carrying her soft timbre to the heavens. If it were a kiss, it would make your knees go weak.

Lana Del Rey recently released Norman Fucking Rockwell to rave reviews. With her album –which features previously released singles “Mariners Apartment Complex,” “Venice Bitch,” “Hope Is A Dangerous Thing For A Woman Like Me To Have – But I Have It,” “Fuck It, I Love You,” and “The Greatest” – in the rearview, the singer recently revealed that she’s already working on her next project, White Hot Fever. 

Check out Lana’s soft cover up above.