Migos Got “Too Hotty” In Times Square

Migos Got “Too Hotty” In Times Square


TRL is back in a BIG way, with stars like DJ Khaled and Ed Sheeran LINK TK here to take over Times Square. But who else but Migos could open the official TRL re-launch with the official first performance? The crowd went wild as the Atlanta rap trio performed their single “Too Hotty.” (Viewers that tuned in at home may have enjoyed a series of never-ending censor beeps, but at least they were on beat!)

From there, Migos popped inside to hang out with DC Young Fly, playing coy with details about the release of their highly anticipated Culture 2 album, but rest assured that it’s on the way (this month, if you believe the rumors). The group did confirm that they’d be down to perform at the wedding of the fans that recently got engaged backstage at one of their concerts.

Watch Migos’ entire performance in the video, below. TRL is back on the air tomorrow at 3:30pm ET.