Raz B Claims Lyft Driver Jacked Louis Vuitton Bag After Falling Asleep

Raz B Claims Lyft Driver Jacked Louis Vuitton Bag After Falling Asleep


Raz B

Hey, Lyft …

Your Driver Jacked My Louis!!!

5/9/2019 10:26 AM PDT

Exclusive Details

10:26 AM PT — A rep for Lyft tells TMZ … the driver has dropped off the items at a central secure location. The rep adds, “We have let the rider know where he can collect his items. We’re glad that this issue could be resolved quickly.” So, case closed. 

Raz B is desperately seeking Louis … as in the high-priced Louis Vuitton bag he forgot in a Lyft ride — because he caught one too many Zzz’s — and now he claims the driver won’t give it back.

Sources close to Raz tell TMZ … the singer jumped in a ride-share vehicle early Thursday morning and fell asleep for the entire 27-minute drive through Jacksonville, FL. We’re told when he woke up, he was still half asleep and just got out … forgetting his LV bag.

The bag’s worth $2,500, and also had an iPad in it. We’re told Raz B called the driver to see if he’d turn around and return the bag, but Raz says the driver hung up on him. He also shot off a text message to the driver about the bag, to no avail.

Adding insult to injury … we’re told Raz even tipped the driver!!!

Raz is in Jacksonville with B2K for their Millennium Tour, and we’re told he’s trying to get in touch with someone from Lyft to help before they leave after a Friday night gig. If that doesn’t pan out, he plans to file a police report. 

Just more drama for “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” … which Raz just joined. We’ve reached out to Lyft, but no word back. 

Originally Published — 8:37 AM PT