The 7 Deadly Sins, As Demonstrated By MTV Floribama Shore

The 7 Deadly Sins, As Demonstrated By MTV Floribama Shore


When you put eight young strangers on Florida plus Alabama the Floribama Shore, they’re bound to commit a few cardinal sins, y’all. And during the Season 2 premiere Nilsa admitted as much when she stepped foot onto the crew’s PCB stomping grounds again.

“We need to cleanse this house from all the sins we did last year in it,” she declared, recognizable Jesus candle/Holy water in hand.

In honor of Nilsa’s statement, we’re looking back at examples of when the gang committed some well-known vices — when they are bound to behave the same way again. So put your chi chis up, check ’em out below and do not miss MTV Floribama Shoreevery Monday at 10/9c!

  1. Lust

    Flirting ensued right out of the gate: Nilsa had a crush on Jeremiah, Gus was feeling Nilsa and Jeremiah maybe sort of liked Kortni. While no official love connections blossomed between any of them, there’s no telling what the future holds (tsk tsk).

  2. Gluttony

    No way to mince words: These folks love dollar drafts beverages — and lots of ’em. Mere moments after meeting, Kortni cracked open a bottle of champagne (and sent everyone ducking for their lives). And then shots. And much, much more.

  3. Greed

    The root of Chicken Gate: The girls (Aimee and Nilsa) didn’t want to assemble the poultry (which the boys nicely cooked) on their respective plates because they were happy in the pool. Cue Kirk’s tirade about getting “f**kin lit in this bitch.”

  4. Sloth

    The self-proclaimed Princess Goddess Mermaid really hates working; in fact, she said, “I’m bitin’ my tongue until I can become a trophy wife, because that is my dream job.”

  5. Wrath

    It’s tough to pick one instance — but that Monday night at Donovan’s may go down as the biggest brawl in PCB (even though the roomies weren’t feuding with each other).

  6. Envy

    Aimee freely admitted jealousy toward her fellow ladies — specifically, that they were skinny and “have perfect white teeth.” Fortunately, this spawned Aimee Appreciation Day — croissant corsage and all.

  7. Pride

    One jokey/non-literal example had to be included. And Jeremiah is proud of those biceps.